We recommend Package One for younger children who might find a two hour party overwhelming. Package One parties are fast paced and ensure your children have loads of fun using up all of their energy running around taking part in the games.

As these parties are shorter, we recommend you start the party 15 minutes before our slot so that all the friends are ready to play when we are on and you're not wasting time waiting for late guests to arrive.

Package 1

1 hour Party - £99

Interactive games
All the party games will be tied in with your chosen theme, regardless of whether you've picked a costumed party or not. We run a variety of games from music based ones, traditional party games and games that require brain power! The kids work together in these games and we only play knock-out games for the older years, ensuring no tears for younger parties.

Imaginative adventure time
We believe that it's important to maximise children's imaginations during our parties. At this age, kids have incredible imaginations full of excitement and adventure! We use this to enhance their experience of the party and often the party will revolve around an underlying story or adventure that they must complete through playing games.

Song & dance
We know how important and exciting music is for younger children and so we include lots of dancing and singing in our younger parties. Even the shyer children enjoy taking part in a familiar dance or playing percussion along to a funny song. It brings every one together and enhances their musical skills.

A fully costumed Limitless Kids entertainer

Costume of your choice from the Party Theme section

Party Themes

Pirates / Princesses / Minion / Superheroes

 Peppa Pig / Animals / Fairies / Sports / Frozen

(We also run a non costumed party if your child would prefer this, or maybe you'd like a theme that we don't have a costume for. We will still provide 2 entertainers who will come out of costume but run all the party according to your chosen theme.)

Photo opportunities with character

Gift for the birthday child