This party package is ideal for 2-4 year olds. Parties can be overwhelming at this age so we like to keep them short and comfortable for them. We encourage parents to take part as this helps build the toddlers' confidence and join in. Toddler's love exploring, moving and playing with music so we have lots of age appropriate games and songs for them to engage with. 

Toddler Package

* Can be combined with a soft play package *

     30 minute Multisensory Party - £50

Song, dance & percussion

We have a hand selected playlist full of songs that toddlers love! We bring our percussion along and spend time playing as well as doing simple actions and dances! Toddlers love to dance and wiggle to the music and this brings out even the quietest of children. 

Parachute games

The colours and movements of the parachute are amazing for toddlers to play with. They all giggle and play away with the simple movement games we play.

Action games

Toddlers are at a really active age and so we love engaging them in simple action games. Action games are a lot of fun and bring a party feel to the day! We do simple traditional party games which will take you back to your own childhood birthday parties! 

Imaginative Play

Toddlers are developing their own imagination and everything we do enhances this. We have themed costumes available for toddlers parties that bring their favourite characters to life. Costume themes available are:

    Pirates / Princesses / Minion

 Peppa Pig / Animals / Fairies / Superheroes

(We can also cater to your own theme without costumes and still take the toddlers on an imaginative journey through play.) 

Animal puppets

Toddlers love puppets and we have a wide variety available for them to play with. We often start with "Old Macdonald" animal puppets and then let them play with the puppets to their hearts content!